Horse mussel

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(Zool.) a large, marine mussel (Modiola modiolus), found on the northern shores of Europe and America.

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Our results clearly indicate that the "exotic" mussels with shells with slightly purplish interior and a thick black periostracum are not only morphologically distinct but also genetically distinct from Perna viridis, the Asian green mussel, and the horse mussel Modiolus modulaides (Fig.
The first course on the taster menu is a horse mussel (that's a type of mussel, by the way, not a horse's muscle) juice appetiser served in a giant shell.
Beneath the waves, dolphins, porpoises, whales, sharks and seals share the same waters as fragile and slow-growing maerl beds, cold-water corals and horse mussel reefs.
In Caithness, the country's largest Horse Mussel bed was found in waters near Noss Head.
THE discovery of a horse mussel bed could further restrict scallop fishing off the Llyen peninsula.
A heterogeneous sialic acid-binding lectin with affinity for bacterial LPS from horse mussel (Modiolus modiolus) hemolymph.
Horse mussel populations grow fastest on sand with bioherms, closely followed by those growing on gravel/scallop bed; the slowest growing are found on gravel/cobble and mottled gravel geological provinces.
Marine habitats in decline include horse mussel, maerl and seagrass beds.
Horse mussel beds create a habitat for around 100 other species, but they are being destroyed by scallop dredging.
Strangford Lough enjoys the highest European protection status and yet the Department of Agriculture and EHS between them have allowed the decimation of fantastically important horse mussel habitats through over-fishing.
The spawning, growth and movement of the mussel (Mytilus edulis), horse mussel (Modiolus modiolus) and the spoutfish (Solen athiqua).