Horse run

(Civil Engin.) a device for drawing loaded wheelbarrows up an inclined plane by horse power.

See also: Horse

References in classic literature ?
One of my greatest faults was that of letting his horse run away, and go down to his father-in- law's farm, which was about five miles from St.
But you just have to keep calm and let the horse run for a while until you can turn it back around.
I'll happily watch a horse run around a pasture, I'll even run with him but I hate riding horses.
I've always said, `If you can sit in the grandstand of a racetrack, let alone watching your own horse run, you (shouldn't) have any complaints,' " Hendricks said.
Most of the courses have someone at the entrance to the owners' and trainers' stand and at least you can watch your horse run.
9, 1995, Robbins entered a 2-year-old son of Cee's Tizzy and Cee's Song in a $32,000 claiming race for maidens, and watched the horse run a close second in an encouraging debut.
But for (Earnhardt), he had a nice horse, he had his family here, he's dreaming of traveling and seeing the horse run, and then suddenly that's over.
He watched the horse run from a catwalk, his view obstructed by the massive Belmont Park roof and by the tears in his eyes.
In which race did the horse run at last season's Cheltenham Festival?
I went over to see the horse run at Punchestown and the price shot up after he went well, but we still bought him," said Wichester-based Powell.
They'd call in and say, `Well, I had a horse run through an outside fence with me and I broke my neck.
When I saw Gentlemen up next to me, it was time to let my horse run a little.