Horse soldier

a cavalryman.

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Weight was extremely important to a horse soldier or, better said, to the horse itself.
Fitzsimons, Supervisory NSO at the National Service Office in Des Moines, Iowa, got the call, and was soon at work assisting an actual horse soldier, Robert A.
cavalry, and although I'm not presently active with any organization, I still enjoy collecting cavalry arms and gear, and occasionally will portray a horse soldier for special historical programs.
There are a number of organizations around the world that are devoted to the recreation and study of the American horse soldier, and these groups are always eager for any solid research material on uniforms, firearms, equipment and tactics of the cavalryman.
Today, 200 war heroes - including those who first parachuted into the Afghan mountains - will gather at the WTC Memorial to rededicate the monumental bronze statue of the Horse Soldier, which is fittingly placed watching over the WTC Memorial.
According to Randy Steffen in The Horse Soldier 1776-1943, cavalrymen preferred a "clubbed" hairstyle in which hair, gathered at the back of the neck, was tied in a firm bundle, folded to the side, and then tied again in a club.
When the US Cavalry chased Pancho Villa and his revolutionaries in northern Mexico in 1916 every horse soldier carried a .
I just finished reading the fascinating article, "DAV Comes Through for a Horse Soldier.
The inscription describes him as a horse soldier of the Cavalry Regiment of Petriana and standard bearer of the Troop of Candidus.
performance of the Horse Soldiers, who will play folk and honky-tonk at the Under the Oak Stage, Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La Canada Flintridge.
Their remarkable body of work -- including Stagecoach, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, The Searchers, The Horse Soldiers, The Alamo and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance -- is heroic and nostalgic, reflecting all the elements and all the paradoxes of 20th-century America: generosity of spirit, abuse of power, a sense of loyalty and a restless nationalism.
Taking the stage will be the Goodtime Jazz Band, the Horse Soldiers Band, Ken and the Lease Breakers jug band, and the For Better or Worse barbershop quartet.