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n. pl.1.See Hose.
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His whole costume was of scarlet, from the feather to the silk hosen on his legs.
His clothes were coated with dirt, one of his hosen had slipped halfway down from his knee, the sleeve of his jerkin was split, and his face was streaked with sweat and dirt.
As regards the maid, too, it is true that I did heft her over the stream, she having on her hosen and shoon, whilst I had but my wooden sandals, which could take no hurt from the water.
Kevin Hilemichael and Hosen Ojora, both 15, received full bursaries to attend and take part in the INVESTIN Young Doctor Programme, a prestigious course aimed at giving students a wholehearted experience of life in the medical profession.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pcc road from anantya kheto dhankal to the house of abul hosen
Xu M, Li D, Li J, Qin D, Hosen Y, Shen H, Cong R, He X (2013) Polyolefincoated urea decreases ammonia volatilization in a double rice system of southern China.
Germany's mega rock music festival is back on home turf with a bumper line-up including Rammstein, System of a Down and Die Toten Hosen.
Arkan Faidolla Hosen, 44, of Derby Street, Sunderland, plied teenage girls with drink and drugs over a 10-year period.
The 2015 presidential election and the Jakarta gubernatorial elections in 2012 and 2017 illustrate the worst intolerance in recent Indonesian history, especially in the Post New Order, as Nadirsyah Hosen describes in chapter 8, on Race and Religion in the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election (p.
Von allem, zu viele Worte, zu viele Kleider, zu viele Hosen, zu viel Schokolade, zu viele Autos [.
Hosen (1970) did not test grasshopper/locust antigen.
Byline: Dongchu Li, Minggang Xu, Daozhu Qin, Huaping Shen, Nan Sun, Yasukazu Hosen and Xinhua He