host computer

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host′ comput`er

the main computer in a network.
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Finally, end-to-end traceability was made possible when the finished tag, with its integral NFC chip, was used to direct the central host computer to transfer all process and quality data related to its individual website in the cloud.
In remote access mode, a host computer can communicate with the device over Ethernet to remotely access data from a MIL-STD-1553 or ARINC 429 data bus.
Downloading the Host Module generates an ID number and prompts the user to set a password, both of which will be used to access the host computer.
Then, to access their applications, users can plug their device into a host computer.
Specifically designed for airlines without access to a host computer, LocalServ is targeted at the needs of ground handling companies providing passenger services for multiple regional, charter, and non-scheduled airlines.
The one-to-one relationship between host computer and storage device made this type of attachment simple to install and manage, with the file system storage component talking directly to the storage device (see Figure 2).
Once the appraiser connects to the Host machine, the Host is locked so other employees at the office can't use the Host computer or observe what the user is working on.
Phase 4, the final phase of the program, will complete the upgrade of the remaining peripheral hardware that comprises the Host Computer System.
The keystroke wireless upload feature allows text to be transmitted from a host computer by pointing the device at the computer screen and pressing a button.
Measurements can be done on a single point or batch mode basis and transferred between the gage and the host computer via serial cable.
Specifically, test frames are isolated from host computer failure, and security measures include multilevel access with password protection.
Some flights operated by Japan Air System (JAS) experienced delays on 7 November after the carrier's host computer malfunctioned at around 1115 Tokyo time.