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TEHRAN (FNA)- This post originally reported that a firewall can't be used to block the Windows connections that bypass the hosts file.
phishing through making changes in Hosts file of operating system:
Hosts File Editor - allows users to add, delete or make changes to the Hosts File to create Web navigational shortcuts and block specific sites.
AC@mm appends text to the hosts file to prevent access to certain URLs, thereby modifying these files.
Some other features include ActiveX, BHO, LSP, Hosts File Management and removal, Internet Explorer web-based settings management, Windows Process list management, Open Hidden windows management, search strings and a complete restore feature to undo any changes you make.
It also terminates processes connected with some antivirus and firewall applications, and overwrites the hosts file to prevent users of infected machines from viewing antivirus websites.
ESET Threat Labs have determined that the variants disable antivirus programs and modify the system's hosts file so they cannot be updated.
To make it difficult to detect and disinfect the Trojan, it also modifies the hosts file to prevent access to websites related to antivirus products.
Additionally, Troj/BagleD1-L tries to stop various security applications such as anti-virus and firewall software, to rename files belonging to security applications (so they can no longer load), and to block access to a range of security-related websites by changing the Windows HOSTS file.
Modifies the hosts file to prevent updating of antivirus and security programs from updating.
Once this happens, the full install is launched and the HOSTS file hijack is inserted, the fake Google toolbar appears upon reboot and the anti-spyware program known as "World Antispy" launches.