Hot bed

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(Iron Manuf.) an iron platform in a rolling mill, on which hot bars, rails, etc., are laid to cool.

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Among the twenty-seven to his credit occurred titles such as, "If Christ Came to New Orleans," " The Worked-out Worker," "Tenement Reform in Berlin," "The Rural Slums of England," "The people of the East Side," "Reform Versus Revolution," "The University Settlement as a Hot Bed of Radicalism' and "The Cave Man of Civilization.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance contract Conditions Maintenance Conditions Repair of laundry equipments: Washing Machine, Hydro Extror, Drying Tumbler, Air compressor, Flate Bed Press, Hot Bed Press.
We have a giant cluster on one corner of our hot bed that rises up from a clump of Carex elata aurea, Mr.
Gordy Merseyside is a hot bed of country music lovers.
However, he added that the description of the establishment by the media as "a hot bed of radicalisation" wasn't entirely incorrect.
It has been noticed that most of the abandoned buildings serve as a hot bed for insects and other pests that pose a risk to public health.
Irish raider Hot Bed could feasibly be a cut above in the DFS Handicap.
Wythe Avenue has become Williamsburg's hot bed for entertainment and retail alike.
Only just denied at Killarney recently when having his first run since April, Hot Bed can go one better under Wayne Lordan in the Glanbia Handicap (4.
The athletes' village at the Olympics has famously become a hot bed for late night liaisons among medal contenders.
In most of the hot bed scenes she's naked except for a tiny thong.
The area is considered a hot bed of foreign militants hailing from Arab and Central Asian States reports claim.