Hot blast

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Hot´ blast`

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Sad, sad and drooping, looked the little white maiden, as she stood on the hearth-rug, with the hot blast of the stove striking through her like a pestilence.
He added, "Recently Buy American has focused on various types of furnaces for heat processing solutions, including iron & steel furnace, arc, vacuum, hot blast, melting & induction furnaces as well as industrial blowers, chillers, ovens, incinerators, heat exchangers, process control instrumentation and related equipment, parts and accessories for industry.
Kuttner's dirty gas recuperative hot blast air systems feature modular design for ease in future upgrades, maintenance, and replacement, while minimizing down time.
If that goal is to be achieved, the plant has to MIGHTY STEEL: Repairs to the hot blast system WE were left horrified at the attack on a disabled pensioner, John Williams, in Norton.
But this week's hot blast pushed the county's pollutants standard index nearer, and then over, the mark for unhealthful air quality.
THERE'S nothing beats the warm glow of a pub window twinkling on a freezing November night or the hot blast of air as you step over the door.
The Thornaby-based Blast Furnace Technology Division of VAI UK has been awarded the hot blast stove contract, valued at around pounds 3.
She says: "If you've forgotten to pack a travel iron, use a hairdryer - a hot blast will get rid of creases.
The Jetpatch system uses compressed air technology for a high-speed application of repair materials including an initial 70mph hot blast to clear surfaces of water and mud.
A pyroclastic surge is a high-speed hot blast of volcanic gas and ash that runs down the mountainside, searing everything in its path.
A breakthrough came in 1828 when the Glasgow-born inventor, James Neilson, devised a hot blast system of smelting, which cut the amount of coal needed in the process by a remarkable 75 per cent.