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n. Slang
A sexually attractive person.


(ˈhɒtɪ) or


n, pl -ties
1. US a sexually attractive person
2. a hot-water bottle


(ˈhɒt i)
n. Slang.
a sexually attractive person.


(Austral inf) → Wärmflasche f
(US sl: = sexy person) → total scharfer Typ (inf)
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Dorky Dizzy starts fresh at a new school as hottie Gil Harris.
Topping this year's list are actor and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Carlos Ponce, Y Tu Mama Tambien star Gael Garcia Bernal, International heartthrob Ricky Martin, Troy star Brad Pitt and blue-eyed hottie Eduardo Versategui.
KaDee Strickland, Natalie Zea and sisters Ashley and Courtney Peldon were strutting their stuff for hottie Hartnett at the premiere of ``Wicker Park'' and the after-party at Blue.
But the end result is mixed-up preteens dressed as hottie totties roaming the dark streets on Halloween night asking strangers for candy.
She recognizes his name, but the tall hottie doesn't look familiar.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Hottie Hi-Jinks Coming to PlayStation(R)2 and Xbox(R)
Joining the ``Warm Springs'' stars were co-stars Tim Blake Nelson, David Paymer and hottie Andrew Davoli, along with Jason Alexander, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ricky Jay.
So, for all these forgetful celebs, here are what their initials stand for CD is for Cool Dude (in his dreams), M is for Mentalist, R is for Ratbag (she does look grumpy) H is for Hottie (give the girl her dues) and B is for Bimbo (or Big Boobies).
The cool crew splits paper in hand, and Matty, not the hottie, finds poor Jenna.
AUSTRALIAN HOTTIE Hugh Jackman will be making hearts and keyboards sizzle on Broadway when he takes the stage this October in The Boy From Oz, the musical based on the life of the late gay entertainer Peter Allen.
It's so easy to inadvertently flip to the wrong window, and you definitely don't want him to get the message for your BFF that says what a hottie he is
But when it comes to guys who will make you happy in the long run, you might want to breeze past the dude whose only positive attribute is winning the 100-meter hottie race.