Hour line

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(Astron.) A line indicating the hour.
(Dialing) A line on which the shadow falls at a given hour; the intersection of an hour circle which the face of the dial.

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Only two other stars in the list of the 200 brightest are so precisely on an hour line of right ascension.
Masafi has also not turned its back on the UAE having recently finished commissioning a 36,000 bottle per hour line in its factory, increasing capacity while reducing waste and electricity use.
There is a two hour line up at the Al Jazeera cyber cafe by the corniche in Benghazi.
Its Happy Hour line includes hors d'ouevres plates with a crescent-shaped indent to hang a champagne glass.
Located in the Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo, the store's opening was marked by a continuous two-and-a-half hour line that formed six hours before the ribbon cutting ceremony and ran until closing.
The 12 noon hour line should also seem to go straight through the gnomon.
0 - 3 miles per hour line speed with infinite speed and inching control.
Even if we can raise enough to keep the telephone line running, maybe expand it to be a 24 hour line, then that would be great.
The tip of the person's shadow would meet the hour line as shown in Figure 15.
To toast a special occasion or a fine meal, crystal or glassware is a necessity and runs the gamut, from glass stemware and barware from Libbey, with its Vina line of wine-tasting glasses and its Polaris, Geo and Vibe barware, to fun and funky crystal stemware from Villeroy & Boch, with its Cocktail Hour line and stemware that coordinates with its dinnerware patterns.