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 (mount-băt′n), Louis First Earl Mountbatten. 1900-1979.
British naval officer and colonial administrator who was supreme Allied commander in southeast Asia (1943-1946) and the last viceroy and governor-general of India (1947). He was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army.


(Biography) Louis (Francis Albert Victor Nicholas), 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma 1900–79, British naval commander; great-grandson of Queen Victoria. During World War II he was supreme allied commander in SE Asia (1943–46). He was the last viceroy of India (1947) and governor general (1947–48); killed by an IRA bomb


(maʊntˈbæt n)

Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 1900–79, British admiral: viceroy of India 1947; governor general of India 1947–48.
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The Duke of Edinburgh had wanted the Royal family to be known as the House of Mountbatten when the Queen came to the throne in 1952.
It is now the House of Mountbatten,' he crowed after their wedding.