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Narbonne is to sell Polaris 140 to owners of house trailers and motorhomes, who attach it to the electrical system to charge the existing batteries.
This included tents, lean-to, campsites, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, house trailers and mobile homes with their axles and wheels in place.
House trailers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, vans and even the occasional bus have been planted in rows along pockmarked dirt roads, with small yards that sport almost as many broken-down cars on blocks as trees.
Whether it's a row of gutted house trailers or the evil smiles at the country club, Hart's eye seems drawn to the darkest corners of human behavior.
LLANO -- Sheriff's homicide detectives are investigating the slaying of a man found shot to death at a group of house trailers in a sparsely populated area.
At Florence, a surge 8 feet high pushed up the Siuslaw River, ripping out pilings, knocking docks loose and jarring house trailers loose from their foundations.
House TRAILERS OR MOBILE HOMES, housing America's elderly and working class families, are today's throwaways.