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A member of the bodyguard or household troops of a Danish or Anglo-Saxon king or noble.


(Historical Terms) (in medieval Europe) a household warrior of Danish kings and noblemen
[Old English hūscarl, from Old Norse hūskarl manservant, from hūs house + karl man; see churl]



a member of the household troops or bodyguard of a Danish or early English king or noble.
[before 1050; Middle English; late Old English hūscarl < early Dan hūskarl. See house, carl]
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The housecarls (the Anglo-Saxon Brigade of Guards) used the hammer as a specialist weapon - flung over the heads of their own front rank it would strike down enemy troops.
Accompanied by his hand picked guard of Housecarls, loyal and professional soldiers whom even the Norwegians said were worth any two of their own number, he approached the Norwegian King.