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n.1.A builder of houses.
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Chapin was a housewright and commander of the Uxbridge minutemen when they fought at Lexington and Concord in 1775.
They are aware that the sources and the search are not as reliable as those done at the library, but the ease of using the internet tools makes up for it in their opinion (Lukasiewicz,2007, Housewright, 2009; Lewis, 2007; Nicholas et al.
LTC Housewright, Product Manger for HMS, stated that a major hurdle was crossed on March 15, 2006, when government representatives were on hand at General Dynamics C4 Systems facilities in Scottsdale, Ariz.
David Haynes latest novel, The Full Matilda, focuses on the memoirs of a tough and feisty fictional character, Matilda Housewright, who was born during the early years of the last century, and grew up in Washington, D.
Moving in fits and starts like rush-hour traffic, the story unfolds over several decades, told by protagonist Matilda Housewright, her brother, nephews and great-nephew.
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Some of these myths include negative stereotyping such as the "nerd," "know-it-all," and "teacher's pet" (Moulton, Moulton, Housewright, & Bailey, 1998).