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a.1.Affected with the disease called hoove; as, hoven cattle.
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Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven, without missing a beat, drew his own weapon and fired on the robber.
Hoven had recently celebrated his birthday with more than 100 friends on a four-day cruise to Mexico.
One belonged to Hoven House, the one-time Northwest Christian College residence hall.
Hoven has scored 124 goals in four years and in the fall will play for the University of Pennsylvania, where she plans to study medicine.
all but inevitable, so too is the departure of Dwayne Hoven, Revco's president and chief executive officer, from chain drug retailing.
Although Hoven often examined whole works, in the case of some of these authors his investigations were restricted to selections found in anthologies and other collections (viii).
van den Hoven (1994)Bias in computer systems, Batya Friedman and Helen Nissenbaum (1996)
made major strides last year in the face of a possible takeover, and it has already moved toward greater heights in its current fiscal year, president and chief executive officer Dwayne Hoven told shareholders at the company's annual meeting here.
For more information about Connect 2000 please contact Jill Hoven in the United States at +1 919 855 6746 or jill.
We really didn't know if we could get that far but I think we can,'' said sophomore Alysha Hoven, who scored her team- leading 27th goal in the second half.
As far as Revco's position goes," says president and chief executive officer Dwayne Hoven, "I wouldn't want to change places with anybody.