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n.1.A tool used by coopers for smoothing and chamfering rheir work, especially the inside of casks.
v. t.1.To smooth; to plane; as, to howel a cask.
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Quickly the leaders of the Welsh revival, Daniel Rowland and Howel Harris, made contact with likeminded figures elsewhere - especially George Whitefield and John and Charles Wesley in England.
TYNESIDERS L Cairy and K Burden |both won on South Durham's show at the Fishburn Workingmen's Club Cairy, from Horsley Hill, took a split points decision over the host club's J Burrell, while Bilton Hall's Burden was a unanimous points winner against another South Durham boxer A Dodds Results: A Shear (Horden) WSPLIT O Acton (Jabs), J Burrell (South Durham) LSPLIT L Cairy (Horsley Hill), A Dodds (South Durham) LPTSUN K Burden (Bilton Hall), N Howel (South Durham) LSPLIT R Deehan (Lambton Street), L Towler (South Durham) WPTSUN L Nicholson (Empire), D Smith (South Durham) LPTSUN J Wright (Jabs), D Ross (South Durham) WSPLIT M McCullock (Sunderland), C Best (South Durham) LPTSUN J Comby (Spennymoor), T Heilbron (South Durham) LPTSUN K Turner (Brandon).
He was staying with his father at the Bryn Howel Hotel and I took my mother, who died about 10 years ago at the age of 93, to see them.
It's wonderful news but it's not unexpected," said Howel Richards, managing director of transport firm Howel Richards Transport Ltd.
remember undercurrent of tension the but the one didn't it school HOWEL LOVELL Once we arrived in Banbury, a group of us went to the outdoor swimming pool where a local lad decided to flex his muscles and started bullying one of the smaller Stringer kids, ducking him under the water and giving him the occasional shove and comment.
Keryn Wright, Rebekhah Henry, Chalrotte Hughes and Bailie Graham achieved gold, while Codi Poyner, Leah Wyre, Lucy Dolan, Mary-Kate Heath, Mia Frost and Ellie Howel won silver.
Booth's Llangollen Hotel Group - it included Bodidris Hall in Llandegla and Bryn Howel Hotel in Llangollen - went into administration last July.
David Howel, Glasgow Kauto congratulations Kauto runs
Howel Morris gained the initiative with a second-minute strike -although a St Albans' equaliser quickly followed.
PwC spokeswoman Stephanie Howel said: "The administrators will be looking for a buyer that offers the best deal for all stakeholders, including employees.
When the Italian superstar returned to Llangollen 40 years later, in 1995, he also returned to the Bryn Howel hotel in Froncysyllte.
Glinianaia SV, Rankin J, Bell R, Pless-Mulloli T, Howel D.