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 (hou′əlz), William Dean 1837-1920.
American writer and editor in chief (1871-1881) of the Atlantic Monthly, who encouraged a number of writers, including Mark Twain and Henry James. He also wrote many novels, such as The Rise of Silas Lapham (1885), and books of literary criticism.


(ˈhaʊ əlz)

William Dean, 1837–1920, U.S. author and critic.
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Noun1.Howells - United States writer and editor (1837-1920)Howells - United States writer and editor (1837-1920)
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A few months ago we were in hopes that he was about to settle down again for he became engaged to Rachel Howells, our second house-maid; but he has thrown her over since then and taken up with Janet Tregellis, the daughter of the head game-keeper.
As I left the dining-room I happened to meet Rachel Howells, the maid.
For two days Rachel Howells had been so ill, sometimes delirious, sometimes hysterical, that a nurse had been employed to sit up with her at night.
This strange find was all that we could get from the mere, and, although we made every possible search and inquiry yesterday, we know nothing of the fate either of Rachel Howells or of Richard Brunton.
I was already firmly convinced, Watson, that there were not three separate mysteries here, but one only, and that if I could read the Musgrave Ritual aright I should hold in my hand the clue which would lead me to the truth concerning both the butler Brunton and the maid Howells.
He would try by a few attentions to make his peace with the girl Howells, and then would engage her as his accomplice.
Howells was much more skeptical, to the point that his conclusions (even those ending in marriage) were genuinely anti-climactic.
CARDIFF coach Lyn Howells has returned to the day job convinced his club can say goodnight to their title rivals.
At least, it is not as extensive as Coral Ann Howells claims in her otherwise fine book-length study of Munro's fiction, titled simply Alice Munro.
We'd bring out carnations, lilies, roses, and he'd choose," says Michael Howells, Husband's out production designer.
The synchrotron group, led by Malcolm Howells at the Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.
StorSimple announced today that it has appointed Ian Howells as chief marketing officer.