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Noun1.Hrolf - Norse chieftain who became the first duke of Normandy (860-931)
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Eleanor's dad Hrolf Douglasson presided over the blessing as Gothi (vicar).
Before long, Hrolf Kraki, Pwyll and the rest will probably have faded from my memory, while Beowulf and the Irish sagas will remain because I had to exercise some creative thought in doing those assignments.
Abelard died in 1941, of sniper fire, on the Eastern Front; Hrolf Kramm, not until 2003, in Switzerland of septicaemia--or blood poisoning.
Tolkien: Author of the Century, Beowulf's name has "bear" associations, and Bothvarr Bjarki (his nickname "Bjarki" means "little bear"), one of the champions of the Old Norse saga sometimes called "The Saga of King Hrolf and his Champions," could turn into a bear in the heat of battle (31).
According to the Saga of King Hrolf Kraki, Northumberland is ruled by Hroar, Helfdan's son, also mentioned as royal Scyldings in Beowulf.
The Wirral Vikings - with Viking names: Sungi, Hrolf, Yngvar, Linden and Sungi, top left; and, above, Hrolf and a bone needle case; Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY
Further, there seems to be an analogy to the hero of the Saga of Hrolf Kraki who is called Bothvarr Bjarki ('Little bear'), or to the hero Beowulf ('bees'-wolf' = honey eater = bear) (Shippey, Century 31-2; Road, 80).
NEVER did a young Hrolf Douglasson imagine as he played his childhood games, that one day he would be living out his dream.