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Noun1.Hubel - United States neuroscientist noted for his studies of the neural basis of vision (born in 1926)
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Color and tone reproduction" -- Paul Hubel, Foveon; Jack Holm, Hewlett Packard
Three nights accommodation staying in a good quality family Bahn Hubel Hotel on a bed and breakfast basis
Camera Phone Image Quality Panel, Subjective Evaluation Moderator: Nicolas Touchard, DxO Labs Panelists: Jack Holm, HP; Paul Hubel, Foveon; Ping Wah Wong, Nethra Imaging; Mats Wernersson, Sony Ericsson Lack of standards and metrics for measuring and testing camera phone image quality is one of the key issues affecting our industry today.
Magistrate Judge Dennis Hubel in Portland concluded that the BLM should have consulted with the U.
pdf ) US Magistrate Judge Dennis Hubel has both denied a motion by ApplyYourself, Inc.
Session 9 on footwear and CASE will include the following presentations: "New additives for today's low-density PU shoe sole technology," Roland Hubel and Fabio Bonzoni, Degussa AG; "Novel technology for polyester polyurethane shoe soling with excellent hydrolysis resistance," Paul Cameron, Uniqema; "Recent advances in polyurea technology," Ray Scott, Dudley Primeaux and Lee Hanson, Polyurea Technology, The Hanson Group; "Polyurea: Early developments to maximum hydrolysis stability," Kai Klockemann and Michael Bader, Nitroil Europe GmbH; and "Urethane elastomers for high-temperature applications," Zhenya Zhu, Ronald O.
Magistrate James Hubel found that the BLM failed to consult federal biologists over the potential harm to endangered species such as the northern spotted owl before adopting the Western Oregon Plan Revision, fittingly dubbed "The Whopper.
Alain Juneau and the late Vell Hubel, staff designers for Baronet, won the Bedroom category prize for Ungava.
In 1981, David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel shared the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine for work done in the 1960s based on this hypothesis.