n.1.(Mining) An iron bucket for hoisting coal or ore.
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Indeed, in his incisive parable about Hudge the socialist and Gudge the capitalist, both positions amount to the same thing in terms of their damage to the family.
Hudge fa f shion She went for et e hereal hippy ch c ic for a lunch date in LA with bob yfriend Aus Bu B tler, but end up more hobo pigeon lady.
For many fans, the celebration was further tainted by the city council "dancing with the devil" - so unpopular are Sky Blues' Mayfair-based hudge fund/private equity firm owners Sisu, accused of bringing about relegation to the third division by selling players to stave losses.
The debut single from Andrew Hartley, head honcho of the label with Justine Hattams on Vocals and heavyweights Richard Earnshaw and DJ Spen & Hudge on the remix package.
They will be performing crazy antics and stunts on stage while DJ Hudge provides the beats.
Chesterton illustrated his belief that both the Left and Right are two sides of a mistaken attitude toward the family through his characters of Hudge and Gudge:
forthcoming 2007) (extensively analyzing the "Problems Generated by Hudge Fund Activism").
BROOKINGS JV (67) - Bay 18, Bavaro 16, Mattos 11, Kennedy 8, Nelson 6, Burhams 6, Hudge 2, Damian, Layton, Pruden, McVey, Chambers.
Benidorm's Director of Public Health, Manuel Hudge, told the British Consul that Legionella had been detected in a town 100km from Benidorm at the time of the Hughes' holiday.
Despite the large number of construction projects going on around the state, Fried said fewer people are working in construction-related jobs because the industry has not recovered fully from the hudge employment downfall of the economic crash of 1986.
These are the ones to go for, but also on the package are mixes from DJ Spen and Gary Hudge and label boss Dean Zepherin - grab it here http://tinyurl.