Hudson Henry


 (hŭd′sən), Henry Died 1611.
English navigator who, sailing under the Dutch flag, explored what was eventually named the Hudson River (1609). On a later English expedition, he was set adrift in a boat in Hudson Bay by his mutinous crew (1611).
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Last year's Grand Award winner Hudson Henry (from CA) won with this alternative rock hit about Internet obsession, “Addicted.
Harris also sent over a letter from September 2011 in which the justice, then Courtney Hudson Henry because she had not yet remarried, recused from a Tyson case with no explanation.
com)-- The winners of the SongDoor 2014 International Songwriting Competition have been announced: the Grand Award has gone to Hudson Henry of Los Angeles, California for this song, "Addicted," which also won the Hard Rock/Alt-Rock category.
Hard Rock/Alt Rock Category: Hudson Henry | California, USA
Justice Goodson was elected to her first eight-year term on the state's highest court in May 18, 2010, but her name on that ballot was Courtney Hudson Henry.
In Arkansas' costliest Supreme Court race of the year, Court of Appeals Judge Courtney Hudson Henry of Fayetteville raised $574,738 and defeated Circuit Judge John Fogleman of Marion, who raised $302,564, in May to win the Position 3 seat.
It was not quite 18 months ago that Courtney Hudson Henry was sworn in as a judge of the Arkansas Court of Appeals, a court she had served as a law clerk from 1997 to 2005.

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