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Noun1.Hugo Wolf - Austrian composer (1860-1903)Hugo Wolf - Austrian composer (1860-1903)  
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Apart from Luptak, other Slovak and foreign musicians will be led by Sebastian Gurtler, first violinist of the famous Hugo Wolf Quartet.
Featuring songs by Lili Boulanger, Victoria Malawey, Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Cole Porter, and Hugo Wolf.
EI afamado Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado (FAOT) que ano tras anos se celebra en este ya denominado Pueblo Magico, se engalano con la figura del celebre tenor mexicano Francisco Araiza, quien interpreto las "Canciones Italianas" de Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) junto con la soprano Marija Vidovic (Croacia, 1982) y el pianista ruso Alexander Pashkov (1974).
He sang countless recitals as a representative of the International Hugo Wolf Society while holding various collegiate teaching positions.
Next are four Lieder by Hugo Wolf from his Italienisches Liederbuch, which fit Lemieux s voice and personality perfectly.
Contract award: elementary school hugo wolf road, construction of a school pavilion plant, construction in system design.
On Saturday, Respighi partnered Hugo Wolf in a cuckoo-and-nightingale juxtaposition, where differences of mood and style were enthusiastically conveyed by the Bowesled quartet.
Gibbs note that Hugo Wolf is "remembered today almost exclusively for his extraordinary contribution to the [lied]" (Taruskin and Gibbs, 793).
Katie Grosset (mezzo-soprano), tenor Ronan Busfield and baritone Andrew McTaggart, accompanied by Scottish Opera's head of music Derek Clark, opted for a rich choice of poems by Emanuel von Geibel, Baudelaire and others, with arrangements by Hugo Wolf and Debussy.
Ein Lebenswerk liegt vor: Jahrzehntelang hat die deutsche Musikwissenschaftlerin Margret Jestremski an einem Werkverzeichnis des Komponisten Hugo Wolf gearbeitet.
Their pot-pourri included many compositional and vocal styles ranging from Mozart, through Ambroise Thomas and Hugo Wolf to two of contemporary American William Bolcom's concert songs in cabaret style.
He covers a wide range of subjects from Hugo Wolf and Bob Dylan to Noel Coward and Kurt Weill, having been involved in The Threepenny Opera at University, and discusses the Battle between Benjamin Britten and Stravinsky.