Hugo von Hoffmannsthal

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Noun1.Hugo von Hoffmannsthal - German poet who wrote libretti for operas by Richard Strauss (1874-1929)
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Volkov discusses the role that this and other early published writing played in connecting Rathenau with Maximilian Harden, publisher of Die Zukunft and himself a convertedjew, who would introduce Rathenau to an elite cultural circle that included Gerhard Hauptmann, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Harry Kessler, Max Reinhardt, Frank Wedekind, and Stefan Zweig.
NEW YORK A Metropolitan Opera presentation of an opera in three acts with music by Richard Strauss, libretto by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal.
Strauss' opera, with a superior libretto by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, mixes earthy comedy and sophisticated psychology, never more audaciously than in this remarkable opening act, in which bawdy humor glides mysteriously and suddenly into one of the most emotionally and intellectually acute scenes in the operatic canon.