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When I think of acquiring for myself one of our luxurious dwellings, I am deterred, for, so to speak, the country is not yet adapted to human culture, and we are still forced to cut our spiritual bread far thinner than our forefathers did their wheaten.
When the pathless forest that still covered this wild principality should give place--as it inevitably must, though perhaps not till ages hence--to the golden fertility of human culture, it would be the source of incalculable wealth to the Pyncheon blood.
Palimpsest: A History of the Written Word considers why writing exists, what it means in human culture, and how it has evolved from myth and technology to become an intrinsic part of human culture.
During the event, the two side praised the interest accorded by the two friendly countries to safeguard this genuine heritage which enriches human culture.
This ratchet-like property of human culture appears absent in nonhuman species, as socially transmitted behaviours in animal populations are generally no more complex than those that can be acquired by trial and error.
Religious-cultural heritage is an integral and invaluable part and parcel of eastern human culture, Gen.
Such a development would allow us to communicate with others through this language in addition to highlighting its contribution to human culture and cultural dialogue between peoples.
Visiting an exhibition documenting Syrian heritage sites before and after their were vandalized by terrorists which was held in Madrid, Rifai called for uniting all efforts to preserve these sites, stressing their significance of Syria's history for human culture.
How it suggests they're blind to other forms of human culture (art, literature, music, and the best examples of philosophical thinking) eludes me.
On the sidelines of the Festival, the Center will hold a market for handicraft products and a photo gallery highlights human culture and the cultural heritage among peoples, al-Awlaki said.
A aims at showcasing the Sultanate as one of the countries interested in human culture and highlighting Oman's historic and cultural role in the Indian Ocean, especially the Sultanate is one of the founders of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation (IOR-ARC).
Describing Iran as the cradle of global civilization and valuable wealth in human culture, he said that Tirana mulls expanding economic cooperation with Iran.

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