Gran Chaco

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Gran Cha·co

 (grän′ chä′kō)
A lowland plain of central South America divided among Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. The arid plain is largely uninhabited.

Gran Chaco

(Spanish ɡran ˈtʃako)
(Placename) a plain of S central South America, between the Andes and the Paraguay River in SE Bolivia, E Paraguay, and N Argentina: huge swamps and scrub forest Area: about 780 000 sq km (300 000 sq miles). Often shortened to: Chaco

Gran Cha•co

(grɑn ˈtʃɑ kɔ)
an extensive subtropical region in central South America, in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. 300,000 sq. mi. (777,000 sq. km). Also called Chaco.
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Hopefully, small patches of the still unperturbed forests of the province are protected, including 11 areas preserving the Humid Chaco.
First cranial evidence and documented occurrence of Cuniculus paca (Rodentia, Cuniculidae) for the Humid Chaco region of Argentina.
In our proposal the scenarios are: 2-4 million hectares of rangelands in the Humid Chaco being burnt per year vs.
Seasonal assemblages of epigean arthropods in a quebracho forest (Schinopsis balansae) in the Humid Chaco
Argentinean captures outside the mentioned ecoregions (in provinces of Corrientes and Chaco) seemingly are associated with gallery forests and/or seasonal inundation sites (the Humid Chaco and Southern Cone Mesopotamian savanna ecoregions of Olson et al.
Abstract: Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) associated with two degraded forests in the humid Chaco of Corrientes, Argentina.
Exceptions are certain more mesic parts of Chaco Serrano (sometimes referred to as humid Chaco Serrano), but these medium-height forests are located at higher altitudes than any other regions in the northern group.
Since 1987, surveys were designed to generate a database on biodiversity of the fauna and flora for the Formosan Humid Chaco Region, a poorly known area within Argentina.
pilifer was also captured in May (autumn) and was the only recorded at both, Eastern Humid Chaco and Paranaense biogeographical provinces.
2] in the Humid Chaco biogeographical region and is characterized by areas of grasslands and forests.