Gran Chaco

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Gran Cha·co

 (grän′ chä′kō)
A lowland plain of central South America divided among Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. The arid plain is largely uninhabited.

Gran Chaco

(Spanish ɡran ˈtʃako)
(Placename) a plain of S central South America, between the Andes and the Paraguay River in SE Bolivia, E Paraguay, and N Argentina: huge swamps and scrub forest Area: about 780 000 sq km (300 000 sq miles). Often shortened to: Chaco

Gran Cha•co

(grɑn ˈtʃɑ kɔ)
an extensive subtropical region in central South America, in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. 300,000 sq. mi. (777,000 sq. km). Also called Chaco.
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2] in the Humid Chaco biogeographical region and is characterized by areas of grasslands and forests.
This timing coincides with the onset of the rainy season in the humid Chaco.
Argentinean captures outside the mentioned ecoregions (in provinces of Corrientes and Chaco) seemingly are associated with gallery forests and/or seasonal inundation sites (the Humid Chaco and Southern Cone Mesopotamian savanna ecoregions of Olson et al.