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a.1.Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a humorist.
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It had been said that evening a hundred times -- and Scarron was at his hundredth bon mot on the subject; he was very nearly at the end of his humoristic tether, but one despairing effort saved him.
Contract notice: the purpose of the contract is the supply of humoristic artistic cartoons about weather and / or climate, based on a concept proposed by the holder or possibly related to an event.
On the border of kitsch and consume Reka Lorincz from Budapest (HU) and Gisbert Stach from Munich (DE) show a colorful kaleidoscope of jewelry, objects, installations and films where they try to define and enlighten the field of jewelry in a new humoristic, critical and philosophical way.
The court said her jokes were "disrespectful" and did not form part of a "healthy humoristic environment.
Other tweets have addressed the matter of aggressive regime measures in a more humoristic yet still critical manner.
Serafin Gonzalez has more recently offered a fusion of these ideas: Domingo is an "encarnacion del espiritu burgues" (53-54), but Alarcon places in him a complex mix of humoristic and heroic elements that "logran fusionarse e integrarse en una vision unificada y ambigua" (54).
It is figuratively called "closing the door of breath" by Famil-e Dur's humoristic obsessive-compulsive disorder of closing all doors.
He went on to praise the wide range of linguistic styles chosen by the long-listed authors, from classic narration to humoristic experiments.
The gamers characterize themselves as geeks and outsiders in a reflective and humoristic way.
Japan, for example, has a much looser attitude towards references to sex and transgenderism, which often feature in manga, anime and video games addressed to the general public, in order to add a humoristic touch.
He notes that, for a proportion too important to be due to chance, some nouns are familiar or humoristic.
The definition of the humoristic genre of this commedia--'un ridicolo nobile'--may rather refer, indeed, to the aristocratic social class as well, if the reader interprets 'nobile' as a noun preceded by the qualifier 'ridicolo,' rather than as a qualifier following the noun 'ridicolo.