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 (ho͝om′pər-dĭngk′, hŭm′-), Engelbert 1854-1921.
German composer who wrote the fairy tale opera Hansel and Gretel (1893).


(German ˈhʊmpərdɪŋk)
(Biography) Engelbert (ˈɛŋəlbɛrt). 1854–1921, German composer, esp of operas, including Hansel and Gretel (1893)


(ˈhʌm pərˌdɪŋk)

Engelbert, 1854–1921, German composer.
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Noun1.Humperdinck - German composer of six operas and other incidental music (1854-1921)Humperdinck - German composer of six operas and other incidental music (1854-1921)
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