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A trademark for a durable wide-bodied military vehicle with four-wheel drive.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a four-wheel drive military vehicle
2. (Military) a four-wheel drive military vehicle
[from h(igh-mobility) + m(ulti-purpose) v(ehicle) + -ee]


(ˈhʌm vi)
a military vehicle that combines the features of a jeep with those of a light truck.
[1985–1990; from the pronunciation of the initials HMMWV for H(igh)–M(obility) M(ultipurpose) W(heeled) V(ehicle)]
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Noun1.Humvee - a high mobility, multipurpose, military vehicle with four-wheel drive
military vehicle - vehicle used by the armed forces
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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A portion of Michigan National Guard Humvees have recently been retrofitted with new braking and stability control systems developed by Ricardo Defense Systems.
The first attack was carried out Thursday evening in Yakhchal area in Gereshk, the statement said, adding that the Taliban fighters had Humvees and car bombs with them.
The firm said it will make 360 M1152A1B2 Humvees and 73 M1151A1B1 Humvees for Afghanistan, 40 M1152 Humvee ambulances for Ukraine and 237 further M997A3 Humvee ambulances for the National Guard and Reserves.
In 2015, multiple reports emerged that Daesh was using the humvees as suicide trucks laden with explosives, driving them at the enemy before detonating them.
For some reason, Fars didn't mention the American Humvees Islamic State drove off when they evacuated.
Army officials are investigating  an airborne drop that saw three Humvees destroyed after they went free-falling toward the ground during a training exercise in Germany.
In fact, UAE buyers will get to have their Humvees well before their counterparts in the US.
Provincial police chief Abdul Rahman Sarjang said that after heavy fighting on Friday during which the Taliban lost around 40 fighters, suicide bombers in two captured Afghan army Humvees targeted the police and governor's headquarters.
In FY2018, the first Marine infantry battalion will receive 69 JLTVs, Bianca said, to replace 74 Humvees in the battalion.
7bn initial contract by the US military to replace its ageing HMMWVs, or Humvees, with 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV).
BEIRUT, June 6 (KUNA) -- The Lebanese Army announced Saturday that it has received a shipment of 40 four-wheel drive Humvees military automboiles from the United States as part of the US assistance program to the army.
Central Command said the American forces stated in a statement that a group of fighter planes and drones carried out two air raids on Friday and Saturday resulted in the destruction of four Humvees and armored personnel carriers and two vehicles carrying one unilateral and damaged a Humvee and trucks.