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n. pl. hun·dis
1. An informal system for transferring money, especially in South Asia, in which local agents disperse or collect money or goods on behalf of friends, relatives, or other agents without legal protection or supervision, trusting that all remaining obligations will be settled through future transactions.
2. A bill of exchange in South Asia.

[Hindi and Urdu huṇḍī, bill of exchange, promissory note, from Persian hunduvī, hindavī, from variant of hinduvī, hindūvī, Indian, from hindū, Indian, from Hind, India; see Hindi.]
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FIA: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested three persons involved in illegal business of hawala and hundi.
According to FIA spokesman, Rs 550,000, prize bonds worth Rs 1,000,000 receipts and other documents regarding hundi hawala were recovered from Sarfraz Ahmad, an owner of the shop.
Tenders are invited for Advance work of mysore social forestry range of basahalli hundi 10 ha for excavation of trench cum pit works during 2017-18
According to FIA spokesman, the team recovered 52,600 Pak currency, 1,500 Saudi Riyal, receipts and other documents regarding hundi hawala.
The spokesperson further said that the FIA team recovered huge foreign currency, computers and registers containing evidences of hawala and hundi from the possession of Hamid Gohar, director of the company and his nephew Shoaib.
According to FIA spokesman, the team recovered Rs 192,000, cheque books, receipts and other documents regarding hundi hawala.
DUBAI -- To curb hundi and hawala systems of money transfer, State Bank of Pakistan is set to make it mandatory for overseas Pakistani's to have a bank account in the country for remitting money legally.
Saeed Ahmad, President and CEO NBP, said: "The biggest challenge facing the overall remittance business of Pakistan is the use of illegal system of Hawala / Hundi.
lt;<Me hundi cuando rompimos porque se rompia mi sueno de formar una familia feliz con hijos, casa, perros .
It is hundred per cent true that Pakistan's banking businesses are standstill after the imposition of withholding tax on banking transactions, as people have started alternative measures for transferring money to each other including illegal way of hundi.
And Azam predicts that an additional $7bn went to the Dubai market through irregular routes, such as hundi, over the past 18 months.
He also directed the Ministry of Finance to streamline the banking system, which would help in checking Hundi and increasing remittances from the Pakistani Diaspora, official sources told KUNA.