Hungarian partridge

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Noun1.Hungarian partridge - common European partridgeHungarian partridge - common European partridge    
partridge - small Old World gallinaceous game birds
genus Perdix, Perdix - a genus of Perdicinae
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Other important exotic game birds include the chukar and Hungarian partridge.
I didn't count the holes, but the patterns were adequate for anything from Hungarian partridge to pheasants, and at 30 yards hard 7-1/2s penetrate plenty on pheasants.
I went specifically to hunt ducks, but the island harbors geese, and in the uplands, a shotgunner can find Hungarian partridge and ruffed grouse.
Timely tips: Duck, goose, chukar, Hungarian partridge and eastside quail seasons opened Saturday.
There are more than 200 private preserves and lodges throughout North America that offer hunting for native and non-native species, including pheasants, quail, chukars, Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse, woodcock, turkeys, doves, ducks and geese (see sidebar, right).
The pen-raised birds, also known as Hungarian partridge though they were introduced all over the United States from native populations in Pakistan, don't get much exercise and consequently don't fly nearly as fast as their wild brethren.
The Abraxas Hungarian Partridge 3H is currently drilling below 7,500 feet and has a projected horizontal lateral of 4,700 feet in the Turner Sand.
Show me a dog who can consistently work Hungarian partridge or point every ruffed grouse he comes across and I'll buy him.
Pheasants, sharptails, chukars and Hungarian partridge give dogs and hunters the best of physical exercise.
7: Opening day for chukar, Hungarian partridge and eastside quail.
The Stoney Brook Preserve is an intensely managed, multi-habitat property with lodgings that offers deer, pheasant, dove, chukar, Hungarian partridge, duck, bass and trout fishing.
When Snell answered his cell phone last October for this interview, he was hunting sharptailed grouse and Hungarian partridge in Montana--and testing some new GPS collars.

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