Hunting seat

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His most recent project with his boys was building a hunting seat 17 feet up in the trees where he loved to drink cocoa with them and watch the deer.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to serve as a diverse, multi-functional tool for duck hunters everywhere, the Jackson Hunting Seat, has been developed by Corey Jackson of Onalaska, Wisconsin.
Additionally, the Jackson Hunting Seat features a waterproof design.
The inventor of the Jackson Hunting Seat has developed a working prototype that he has utilized with success.
Potential licensees in the hunting accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Jackson Hunting Seat on a worldwide basis.
Equally her chapter on the extent to which the English hunting seat owed its origins to the East is interesting but hard to prove.
He, too, used a recurve; sat on a hunting seat perched high in a tree on a wooden stand he built out of scrap lumber; and wore only a pair of black army boots, jeans, blue and black insulated flannel shirt, and an army-green stocking cap.
The village is dominated by the grand palace, built by the Stuarts as a royal hunting seat.
The Sportsman's Rump Rester, a ground hunting seat, is designed for hunting and bank fishing.
The company is also releasing a new high capacity fertilizer/seed spreader; hitch mounted motorcycle carrier; and a unique hunting seat for the bed of the high growth UTV market.
The lines and swivel clips are stored inside box-style dove hunting seats.
Some bears have been swimming north, apparently trying to reach the polar ice, which they depend on as a platform for hunting seats.