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A city of western West Virginia on the Ohio River west of Charleston. Founded in 1871 as a railroad terminus, it has glass and chemical industries.


(ˈhʌn tɪŋ tən)

1. Collis Potter, 1821–1900, U.S. railroad developer.
2. Samuel, 1731–96, U.S. statesman: governor of Connecticut 1786–96.
3. a city in W West Virginia, on the Ohio River. 56,300.
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Noun1.Huntington - United States physician who first described Huntington's chorea
2.Huntington - American revolutionary leader who signed the Declaration of Independence and was president of the Continental Congress (1731-1796)Huntington - American revolutionary leader who signed the Declaration of Independence and was president of the Continental Congress (1731-1796)
3.Huntington - United States railroad executive who built the western section of the first United States transcontinental railroad (1821-1900)
4.Huntington - a city of western West Virginia on the Ohio river at the mouth of the Kanawha
Mountain State, West Virginia, WV - a state in east central United States
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Huntington gave me the first two dollars, I did not blame him for not giving me more, but made up my mind that I was going to convince him by tangible results that we were worthy of larger gifts.
van der Luyden's portrait by Huntington (in black velvet and Venetian point) faced that of her lovely ancestress.
Huntington Bank announced plans today to move its regional headquarters to 525 Vine Street on Cincinnati s Fountain Square.
10 November 2014 - Ohio US-based Huntington Bancshares Inc's (NASDAQ: HBAN) Huntington Bank subsidiary said it has broadened its checking account lineup with the introduction of Huntington 5 Checking and Huntington 25 Checking interest-bearing accounts.
Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (NASDAQ: HBAN), through its subsidiary Huntington National Bank, has said that it has completed its acquisition of 24 Bank of America branches in Michigan, Huntington.
Huntington Bank's Spartans debit card is now available at all Huntington branch locations and online at www.
The Huntington Beach Senior Saturday Expo provides seniors the opportunity to learn more about services available to seniors from both the public and private sectors.
Surveillance video of the incident has been turned over to Huntington Beach Police.
Huntington is back, to remind us of the purity, honor and democratic foundation of the Anglo-Protestant values that he believes lie at the center (not the heart) of America's Manifest Destiny.
Huntington turns his attention toward what might be termed a domestic clash of civilizations--or at least a clash of cultures.
Huntington College has been honoring Christ in scholarship and service since 1897.
That's the latest word from the Anglo-Saxon watchtowers at Harvard where the venerable political theorist Samuel Huntington recently materialized outside his academic hermitage to declare six more decades or so of political winter.

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