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 (hyo͝or′ən, -ŏn′)
n. pl. Huron or Hu·rons
1. A member of a Native American confederacy formerly inhabiting southeast Ontario around Lake Simcoe, with small present-day populations in Quebec and northeast Oklahoma, where they are known as Wyandot. The Huron traded extensively throughout eastern Canada until the confederacy was destroyed by war with the Iroquois in the mid-1600s.
2. The Iroquoian language of the Huron.

[French, boor, Huron, from Old French hure, bristling hair.]


npl -rons or -ron
1. (Placename) Lake Huron a lake in North America, between the US and Canada: the second largest of the Great Lakes. Area: 59 570 sq km (23 000 sq miles)
2. (Peoples) a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in the region east of Lake Huron
3. (Languages) the Iroquoian language of this people


(ˈhyʊər ən, -ɒn; often ˈyʊər-)

n., pl. -rons, (esp. collectively) -ron.
1. a member of a confederacy of American Indian tribes formerly living E of Lake Huron: widely dispersed after 1649 as a result of Iroquois attacks.
2. the extinct Iroquoian language of the Huron.
3. Lake, a lake between the U.S. and Canada: second largest of the Great Lakes. 23,010 sq. mi. (59,595 sq. km).
[1625–35, Amer.]
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