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Hu·sain 1

or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′)
See Hussein1.

Hu·sain 2

or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′)
See Hussein2.

Hus·sein 1

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) 626-680.
The grandson of Muhammad and son of Fatima and Ali, revered by Shiites as the third imam.

Hus·sein 2

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) Full name King Hussein bin Talal. 1935-1999.
King of Jordan (1953-1999) who established a constitutional hereditary monarchy and espoused a moderate, generally pro-Western policy in the Middle East. He lost western Jordan to Israel in the Six-Day War (1967) but was later instrumental in negotiating the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace (1994).
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Noun1.Husayn - Iraqi leader who waged war against IranHusayn - Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran; his invasion of Kuwait led to the Gulf War (born in 1937)
2.Husayn - king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)
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com, NEW AMERYKAH PART TWO: RETURN OF THE ANKH features contributions from some of the most talented, groundbreaking, underground producers and engineers in the hip-hop game, including 9(th) Wonder, Madlib, James Poyser, Sa-Ra's Shafiq Husayn, Ahmir "?
Also sanctioned by the Treasury were Lebanese businessman Kassem Hejeij and Hezballah Islamic Jihad member Husayn Ali Faour, as well as Car Care Center, which is described by the US as "a front company based in Lebanon that supports Hezballah's transportation needs.
Those sent to Oman were Al-Khadr Abdallah Muhammad al-Yafi, about 44, who had been held 13 years; Abdul Rahaman Atah Mahmood Shubatti, about 32 and imprisoned 12 years; Fadil Husayn Salih Hintif, about 33 and imprisoned 12 years; and Mohammed Ahmed Salam, 34, who was detained 12 years.
Primarily drawn from the collections of the Freer and Sackler galleries, the exhibition includes the only known signed work by the "inventor" of nasta'liq, Mir Ali from Tabriz, two folios from a collection of poetry by the late 15th-century ruler Sultan Husayn Bayqara and sumptuous illuminated pages from imperial Mughal albums.
Sd Muhammad Husayn Al-Qahtani and Hamood Abdullah Hamood had been held at the Guantanamo facility in Cuba since 2002.
Also in June, Gambia expelled Husayn Tajideen, one of three Lebanese brothers who control large stakes in the local economy and, through interests reaching as far as Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo, were accused in a previous U.
An extensive discussion of the role of Satan in Islamic mysticism starts with Husayn b.
Davutoy-lu paid a working visit to the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Wednesday, where he was received by Somali Interior and National Security Minister Abdulkarim Husayn, Social Services Minister Meriem Kasym and other officials at Mogadishu International Airport.
Baha'u'llah (means "Glory of God"), founder of Baha'i Faith, was born in Tehran (Iran) as Mirza Husayn Ali, and his birthday is one of the nine annual holy days when work is suspended.
Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Husayn Ibrahim Salih al-Shahristani attended the ceremony for the foundation lay of the biggest natural gas combined cycle power plant of Iraq.
Maher Husayn of 'Issawiya said the Israeli police went beyond their lawful responsibilities in arresting children and closing off entrance points to the neighborhood.
The song is written and composed by Tamer Husayn and there are plans to film it in the form of a video clip in the near future.