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a.1.Destitute of a husband.
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For all that touched his past among his fellows, or their remembrance of him, he might have been in another planet; and Sophie, whose life had been very largely spent among husbandless wives of lofty ideals, had no wish to leave this present of God.
Violence: Husbandless Homes Spawn Young Hoodlums, Impede Reforms,
Husbandless and childless, Connie foreshadows the moment when Neria is also left alone.
No one wants their daughters to end up husbandless and unhappy.
7) Implicit in the author's observation on the neat healing of Ada's wound is not only the essential interiority of abiding grief but also a comment on the untraditionality of the family arrangements of the Epilogue: Ada, husbandless, and her fatherless daughter (born of Ada's brief interlude in the Cherokee hut with Inman) live on in contentment, enveloped by Ruby's three-generation family.
Snowdon has been single for two years and has resigned herself to remaining husbandless and childless.
Emma is the mother of two boys, Theo and Jacob, and husbandless.
Maude Clare may be fairest but Nell's words, like the poem itself, point out that she is left husbandless and alone.