hush puppy

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hush puppy

or hush·pup·py (hŭsh′pŭp′ē)
A small, round or slightly oblong cake of cornmeal fried in deep fat.

[Perhaps from their having been used as snacks for dogs to quiet them while a meal was being eaten.]

hush′ pup`py

Southern U.S. a small deep-fried ball of cornmeal dough.
[1915–20, Amer.; allegedly so called because such cakes were fed to dogs to keep them from begging for scraps]
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Noun1.hush puppy - deep-fried cornbread ball (southern)
cornbread - bread made primarily of cornmeal
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Made with Krystal's signature onions and fried to golden perfection, the hush puppies are moist and packed with classic Krystal flavor.
KARACHI, 04 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Service Sales Corporation (SSC), the countrys largest retailer and wholesaler of footwear and accessories and marketers of Service brand, Monday signed a brand partnership agreement with Firhaj Footwear, the manufacturers and distributors in Pakistan of the world famous Hush Puppies brand.
Hush Puppies are searching for the next big thing in shoes, an undiscovered talent and creative person to design for the brand.
The 250-strong Welsh contingent will be punching above its weight in the style stakes as well as on the competition circuit in formal footwear specifically selected for them by official partner Hush Puppies.
The Border town of Hawick has been chosen by Hush Puppies to test its new suede shoe range.
Self-confessed ``Great British Battleaxe'' Christine flashes across the pages of the nation's magazines in a new advertisement for another unlikely pairing - she is promoting Hush Puppies.
95) that comes with the firm house hush puppies and creamy-style coleslaw.
The book is filled with examples, from the rage for Hush Puppies shoes to the popularity of Sesame Street educational television to an epidemic of teen suicides in Micronesia.
He offers as his first example the resurgence in popularity among the cool people of Hush Puppies, the brushed-suede shoes that were down to sales of a mere 30,000 pairs a year.
the maker of Hush Puppies shoes, plans to close factories in five cities and cut 1,400 jobs, or 25 percent of its work force, reports AP (July 12, 2000).
Footwear retailer Stylo, the owner of the Hush Puppies and Saxone chains, yesterday warned that a flood of cheap shoes into the retail market would significantly affect their results for the current year.
Seafood Appetizer Combo: A tempting combo of golden-fried seafood delicacies including crab hush puppies, calamari and coconut shrimp.