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or Huss  (hŭs, ho͝os), Jan or John 1372?-1415.
Czech religious reformer who was excommunicated (1410) for attacking the corruption of the clergy. His De Ecclesia questioned the authority and infallibility of the Catholic Church.


 (hŭs, ho͝os), John
See Jan Hus.


(Cookery) the flesh of the European dogfish, when used as food
[C15 husk, huske, C16 huss: of obscure origin]


(Biography) John, Czech name Jan Hus. ?1372–1415, Bohemian religious reformer. Influenced by Wycliffe, he anticipated the Reformation in denouncing doctrines and abuses of the Church. His death at the stake precipitated the Hussite wars in Bohemia and Moravia
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Noun1.huss - Czechoslovakian religious reformer who anticipated the ReformationHuss - Czechoslovakian religious reformer who anticipated the Reformation; he questioned the infallibility of the Catholic Church was excommunicated (1409) for attacking the corruption of the clergy; he was burned at the stake (1372-1415)
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Paul Hoch comes to old Huss and says, "I am at last as rich as you required--come and view the pile.
Huss says fiercely, "I gave you three weeks to find out why your books don't balance, and to prove that you are not a defaulter; the time is up--find me the missing property or you go to prison as a thief.
Old Huss (enthusiastically): "Wake her up, shake her up, noble young man, she is yours
A spiritual descendant in the direct line from Wycliff, Huss, Luther, Calvin; an Evangelical of the Evangelicals, a Conversionist, a man of Apostolic simplicity in life and thought, he had in his raw youth made up his mind once for all in the deeper questions of existence, and admitted no further reasoning on them thenceforward.
Currently, Huss is a member of the boards of Qool Therapeutics Inc, Surefire Medical Inc as well as Madorra.
Once behind bars Rick-Rick huss, of Robin Hood Road, was confronted with ngerprint and CCTV evidence that he had taken part in more overnight burglaries.
5lb bull huss to add to a ray and some dogfish for a 28lb 8oz total.
According to an Oregon State Police report, Huss died when the westbound Chevrolet Suburban she was driving crossed the centerline on a right-hand curve and collided with a tow truck coming the other direction.
DJ Huss is a progressive and touch house DJ playing dance floor tracks, hypnotic beats and any style that completes a captivating session with amazing track selection and smooth transitions.
Country: USASector: Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: BluePrintBuyer: The Hain Celestial Group IncVendor: Erica Huss, Zoe SakoutisType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ExclusivityComment: LoI
There's now going to be a shared responsibility," Huss says, "which generally should be beneficial for plan sponsors.
The huss helped Steve Kenyon, a fork lift truck operator from Wigan, to score a prizewinning double.