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Hus·sein 1

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) 626-680.
The grandson of Muhammad and son of Fatima and Ali, revered by Shiites as the third imam.

Hus·sein 2

or Hu·sain or Hu·sayn  (ho͞o-sān′) Full name King Hussein bin Talal. 1935-1999.
King of Jordan (1953-1999) who established a constitutional hereditary monarchy and espoused a moderate, generally pro-Western policy in the Middle East. He lost western Jordan to Israel in the Six-Day War (1967) but was later instrumental in negotiating the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace (1994).


1. (Biography) Also: Husain 1935–99, king of Jordan (1952–99)
2. (Biography) Saddam (sæˈdæm). 1937–2006, Iraqi politician: president (1979–2003) and prime minister (1994–2003) of Iraq. He led Iraq into the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88) and the Gulf War (1991) but was deposed and captured in the US-led invasion of 2003; executed 2006


(Hussein bin Tal Abdullah al-Hashem), 1935–99, king of Jordan 1952–99.



Sad•dam (ˈsɑ dəm, səˈdɑm) (at-Takriti), born 1937, president of Iraq since 1979.
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Noun1.Hussein - Iraqi leader who waged war against IranHussein - Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran; his invasion of Kuwait led to the Gulf War (born in 1937)
2.Hussein - king of Jordan credited with creating stability at home and seeking peace with Israel (1935-1999)
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Abu Hussein, misnamed the Father of Cunning, drank from the river below his earth, and his shadow was long in the low sun.
The Inspector, who was not yet twenty-five, signified his assent in the usual manner, while Abu Hussein barked at the vast desert moon.
Even then Abu Hussein did not know better than to bark in reply.
Henceforward I will give one dollar to the man on whose land Abu Hussein is found.
Our Excellency," a man stepped forth, "on my land Abu Hussein was found this morning.
Oh, Such an one; Son of such an one," said the Governor, prompted by the Sheikh, "learn, from the day when I send the order, to block up all the holes where Abu Hussein may hide on--thy--land
An evil day for thee, Abu Hussein," he shrilled into the mouth of the earth.
He met her rounding his bends on grey December dawns to music wild and lamentable as the almost forgotten throb of Dervish drums, when, high above Royal's tenor bell, sharper even than lying Beagle-boy's falsetto break, Farag chanted deathless war against Abu Hussein and all his seed.
The desert run, when Abu Hussein forsook the cultivation, and made a six-mile point to earth in a desolate khor--when strange armed riders on camels swooped out of a ravine, and instead of giving battle, offered to take the tired hounds home on their beasts.
Even so the Gihon Hunt, like Abu Hussein in the old days, did not understand.
Not in those very words, but if we leave an earth unstopped, it is the same as though we wished to save Abu Hussein from the hounds.
Adrian Brody Photo by Egypt Today/ Hussein Tallal Photo by Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal Who knew that green would suite Amina Khalil best, even though that's no surprise since everything she wears or touches tends to instantly turn into a must-have item.