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n. Greek Mythology
A beautiful youth, loved but accidentally killed by Apollo, from whose blood Apollo caused the hyacinth to grow.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a youth beloved of Apollo and inadvertently killed by him. At the spot where the youth died, Apollo caused a flower to grow


(ˌhaɪ əˈsɪn θəs)

(in Greek myth) a youth loved by Apollo, who accidentally killed him with a discus: from his blood sprang the hyacinth.
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Ovid tells us of a flower into which Hyacinthus was metamorphosed, that bears letters on its leaves, which Virgil recommended as a miracle to the Royal Society of his day; but no age nor nation hath ever recorded a bird with a letter in its maw.
There followeth, for the latter part of January and February, the mezereon-tree, which then blossoms; crocus vernus, both the yellow and the grey; primroses, anemones; the early tulippa; hyacinthus orientalis; chamairis; fritellaria.
rich-tressed Diomede; and she bare Hyacinthus, the blameless one and strong.
Comparisons of reciprocally transplanted corals in American Samoa suggest that 38% of the difference in heat tolerance between populations of Acropora hyacinthus is attributable to fixed effects, including holobiont genotype, whereas 62% can be attributed to acclimatization achievable over 2 y (Palumbi et al.
Apollo et Hyacinthus (note the Latin, all trippingly sung by the soloists, and helpfully surtitled), Mozart's first opera - though really it's an intermedium split between the acts of a moralistic play - again suffered in comparison with what we knew the composer was to achieve a little later on in his tragically short life, but Page presided over an exemplary performance.
Nicander elsewhere offers scientific revisions of myth, such as the brain damage caused by the discus with which Apollo hits Hyacinthus in the head (905-6).
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Et me Phoebus amat; Phoebo sua semper apud me munera sunt, lauri et suaue rubens hyacinthus.
On May 13, 1767, Apollo et Hyacinthus premiered as part of the graduation celebrations of Salzburg University, (1) an all-male Catholic school.
Em especies de outros generos, como em Hyacinthus orientalis, a regeneracao e crescimento de bulbilhos diminuiram proporcionalmente com aumento da concentracao de ABA (PIERIK e STEEGMANS, 1975), fato igualmente observado por CHEESMAN et al.
Contribution to the knowledge of Polyommatus (Aricia) hyacinthus Herrich-Schaffer, 1847) and the description of a new subspecies (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae).
In reef-building Acropora hyacinthus corals (one shown) from American Samoa's Ofu Island, the activity of hundreds of genes changed when both heat-sensitive and heat-tolerant versions of the corals were switched from 29.