Hydraulic accumulator

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an accumulator for hydraulic machinery of any kind. See Accumulator, 2.

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For quick launches without lurching, BorgWarners low-noise, high-flow, low-leak solenoid valve enables the hydraulic accumulator to prime the transmission faster than the driver can switch from the brake to the accelerator.
Triet, Kyoung (2012) presented a novel hydraulic ERS which was based on a hydrostatic transmission system and used a hydraulic accumulator to store energy.
It is also relevant that brake wear is reduced with the use of a hydraulic hybrid since the share of the kinetic energy absorbed by the hydraulic accumulator does not need to be reduced by the braking system.
Within Freudenberg, Tobul will be able to expand its international operations and secure the top spot among global hydraulic accumulator suppliers, said Jim Tobul, founder of the company.
When 9th Street Investments helped finance Loveland's Lightning Hybrids, there was only one supplier making the requisite hydraulic accumulators that recycled brake power into the engine.
On removal of the massive steel piston of the hydraulic accumulator, it was obvious that the seals were in a poor state.
A gas hydraulic accumulator with an appointment of an elastic diaphragm ideally separates gas and fluid working environments.
Furthermore, charging of the hydraulic accumulator is dynamically regulated, so that the pressure level is automatically adapted in line with actual demand.
The EPA's system uses two hydraulic accumulator vessels and two hydraulic pump motor units.
The generator, devised in 1998, is a hydraulic accumulator system, involving relatively small revolving blades which gather power to a central collector, where electricity is generated.
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The Energy Recovery system minimizes hydraulic pressure spikes and captures reflected energy within the hydraulic accumulator to increase the impact performance of the next blow.