Hydraulic accumulator

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an accumulator for hydraulic machinery of any kind. See Accumulator, 2.

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When 9th Street Investments helped finance Loveland's Lightning Hybrids, there was only one supplier making the requisite hydraulic accumulators that recycled brake power into the engine.
On removal of the massive steel piston of the hydraulic accumulator, it was obvious that the seals were in a poor state.
A gas hydraulic accumulator with an appointment of an elastic diaphragm ideally separates gas and fluid working environments.
Furthermore, charging of the hydraulic accumulator is dynamically regulated, so that the pressure level is automatically adapted in line with actual demand.
Braking energy is recovered and fed back into the mains, and charging of the hydraulic accumulator is controlled to build no more pressure than actually needed, giving an overall energy saving of 40 per cent compared with an equivalent hydraulic machine.
At slow working cycles, like in this case, the right transformation for the accumulator is the isotherm one, which leads us, knowing also the system pressure, to the necessary volume of the hydraulic accumulator, (Saceanu, 2004).
The hydraulic accumulator utilizes a variable-volume pump to optimize energy efficiency.
As with the smaller 630 S IMM, the injection flow on the Allrounder 720 S can be efficiently increased with the use of a hydraulic accumulator.
BorgWarner's Hydraulic Accumulator, Eco-Launch(TM) Solenoid Valve and Multi-Segment Wet Friction Plates Contribute to Improved Shift Feel and Fuel Economy
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge For Bcm Machine, Hydraulic Motor For Cooling, Hydraulic Vibration Motor For Tamping Unit, Hydraulic Bi- Lateral Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Triple Delivery Pump, Hydraulic Double Delivery Pump, Hydraulic Accumulator Of Different Capacity.
It is said to be capable of 450 mm/sec injection, competitive with an hydraulic accumulator.
Four pressure sensors in the wheel pressure modulators and one pressure sensor each for the hydraulic accumulator and for the brake commands monitor the processes.