Hydraulic elevator

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a lift operated by the weight or pressure of water.

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We have used hydraulic elevator machine to rescue at least 20 guests including some Korean nationals," said a fire officer.
Other facilities will include a medical centre, restaurants and coffee shops, a hotel with a multipurpose hall and a three-storey car park with a hydraulic elevator for vehicles.
Harney, "Stalco performed the final, $700,000 phase of the restoration, which encompassed construction of a two-story, 800-square-font addition that houses a lobby and a hydraulic elevator, inferior restorations within the original, historic structure and construction of the museum's exhibition space.
All properties boast a silent hydraulic elevator and multi-room iPad-controllable audiovisual and lighting systems, and each even comes with an accompanying two-bedroom mews house for staff, and a "Bentley-sized garage", as well as a spa and gym.
Part of the Otis hydraulic elevator modernisation package, cruise control is described as a consistent door operation similar to a vehicle.
Comparison of energy-saving on the speed control of the VVVF hydraulic elevator with and without the pressure accumulator, Mechatronics 15(10): 1159-1174.
Other facilities included a ladies health club, medical center, restaurants and coffee shops, hotel with a multi-purpose hall and a three-storey car park, with a hydraulic elevator for vehicles.
Blatant riffs on the historical record aside, Olson excels at incorporating a lively and compelling set of props and backdrops for his character's interactions, which he's quick to explicate in exuberant detail; thus, one learns the rules of Mexican "Monte" thoroughly, as well as the dangers of the hydraulic elevator, the secrets of prestidigitation, and a veritable cornucopia of the nuanced particulars of life in the late nineteenth century.
Marrazzo asked whether Erhan's team could bring that same expertise to bear in creating a hydraulic elevator fluid that would readily biodegrade in the environment, come from a renewable resource, be produced by an economical and nonpolluting process, and meet industrial safety and performance standards.
Furnished home features a gourmet kitchen, fireplace, family room, hydraulic elevator and four-car garage.
The restoration included an expansion of the lobby and meeting rooms, the addition of a hydraulic elevator, new bathrooms, installation of central air conditioning, construction of an elliptical staircase capped by a skylight, and the creation of handicapped access.
When a hydraulic elevator has not run for a number of hours (such as overnight), it may be necessary for designated personnel to operate the cars for a few trips.

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