Hydraulic mining

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a system of mining in which the force of a jet of water is used to wash down a bank of gold-bearing gravel or earth.

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Since the system s inception, the Troubleshoot Advisor has integrated more than 1,000 guides for a range of hydraulic mining excavators from the R 9250 to the R 9800, as well as for the T 282 C mining truck.
In early November, Caterpillar unveiled two new products--6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel and 994K Wheel Loader to trade press and customers during its Loading & Hauling Mining Focus Session at its Tinaja Hills proving grounds, located south of Tucson, Ariz.
For example, researchers from Jilin University, China, have demonstrated the suitability of the borehole hydraulic mining method for extraction of deep-deposited oil shale [3, 4].
Within the framework of scientific and technical level of extraction and processing of commercial minerals, besides for traditional measures for reduction of man-caused load of mining production on the environment, it is necessary to use areal dust suppression technologies, ground waters' protection, new technologies of hydraulic mining by boreholes and other technologies, confirmed by patents, more intensively
These include the Dolaucothi Gold Mines near Pumpsaint where the Romans used hydraulic mining (use of vast amounts of soil stripping water to reveal bedrock), the Carmarthenshire Amphitheatre, Y Pigwn marching camp near Trecastle and Caratacus' former lair at Garn Goch.
Hydraulic mining methods mobilize enormous volumes of sediment and native sediment-bound mercury.
In the Malakoff Diggings, once the scene of intensive hydraulic mining that ripped the hillsides for their hidden gold, Lavenson found the sharp gouges softening as rain smoothed the hard edges and plants gradually reclaimed the earth.
15 (that event was still receding when the photo was taken) or simply a result of licensed hydraulic mining going on upstream at the time of photo acquisition.
At the Sutter Gold, filled with history and interesting artefacts, visitors can experience a comprehensive look into gold mining processes and its historical progression from gold planning and hydraulic mining to hard rock techniques.
Using the hydraulic mining machines, the windy picks, was hard work.
Water for placer mining, especially hydraulic mining, depended on natural and artificial storage of snow melt run-off and was a critical factor in placer gold production.
Ironically, my great-grandfather's house was built just south of the valley's mother seam, and might have survived the hydraulic mining that flushed away all other traces of occupation in a brief boom in the 1970s, had it not burnt down in 1963.