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Two extremes will be experimentally and theoretically investigated: (1) Rapid laboratory testing of marine clays by electrokinetically enhanced consolidation in element testing; (2) Rapid electrokinetic enhancement of the hydraulical and mechanical soil properties for soil improvement.
Electrical, hydraulical and pneumatical actuators are so called conventional because they are commonly used to actual robot systems.
The next step in this direction was to find an appropriate model of the system's hydraulical components as presented by the modelling of a pump and an actuator.
The usual second drive system is an electric one, but it can easily be of any kind of nature, as pneumatical, hydraulical or mechanical.
The fact is, one of the most critical and probably the most difficult worker to find is the electromechanical, hydraulical repair person," said Carl Ferguson, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research and associate dean for research and technology at the University of Alabama's business school.
For this purpose, a hydraulical resistances (hydraulical resistance, inductance and capacitance) was derived.