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a.1.Pertaining to, employed in, or produced by, the evolution of electricity by means of a battery in which water or steam is used.
Hydro-electric machine
(Physics) an apparatus invented by Sir William Armstrong of England for generating electricity by the escape of high-pressure steam from a series of jets connected with a strong boiler, in which the steam is produced.
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A hydro-electric power station on the states largest dam Burdekin Falls Dam to secure energy and support jobs for North Queensland moved a step closer today.
uk A CONWY farmer landed himself in trouble after his hydro-electric plant reduced a local stream to a "trickle".
THE National Trust is set to bid today to secure an archive which sheds new light on the operation of the world-first hydro-electric system on a Northumberland estate.
A consortium led by UAE-based energy and water company TAQA has agreed to acquire two hydro-electric plants in India from Jaiprakash Power Ventures in a deal worth about $1.
Pakistan could have secured better share of water in the final award in case of Kishanganga hydro-electric project (KHEP) if its plea was duly supported by required data of international standards, particularly vis-A -vis environment, hydro-electric usages and agriculture.
It also approved $68m, 43% of total project costs, for the Inga Site Development and kElectricity Access Support Project in DRC with a vast hydro-electric potential estimated at 44,000 MW.
1 billion CFAF to enable the West African nation finance its hydro-electric project in Gouina, near Kayes, in the Western region, the Malian government indicated in a statement here Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Chaudhary Abdul Majeed has directed the office-bearers of Hydro-electric Board to speed up the Hydel-generation plans in order to lessen power crisis.
The contracts have been awarded by Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd, a subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corp.
International Resource News-January 25, 2012--POWERGRID International magazine and PennWell Corporation honours Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Apart from this, HCC is executing twelve hydro-electric power projects, of which four are in Jammu & Kashmir, two in Himachal Pradesh, two in Bhutan and one in Uttarakhand, Sikkim, West Bengal and Maharashtra.
A FIVE-MILE tunnel has finally been cut through the hills above Loch Ness as part of a pounds 140million hydro-electric scheme.