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1. A process in which olefinic and carbocyclic petroleum products are converted to high-octane branched-chain alkanes in the presence of hydrogen and a catalyst under pressure and heat.
2. A manufacturing technique in which high-pressure hydraulic fluid is used to mold a sheet or tube of metal stock by forcing it against the surface of a die.

hy′dro·form′er n.


1. (Chemistry) the catalytic reforming of petroleum to increase the proportion of aromatic and branched-chain hydrocarbons
2. (General Engineering) engineering a forming process in which a metal component is shaped by a metal punch forced against a die, consisting of a flexible bag containing a fluid
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280 Ackley Improved hydroform die by Hornady, so I'll stick with what I know for this discussion.
hydroforming applications, entails loading a tube into a hydroform die and fixturing the die assembly into a hydroforming press.
This portable inspection solution comprises several components, including the OmniScan MX PA flaw detector, OmniScan MXU software with corrosion mapping functionality, and the HydroFORM Phased Array Probe Carrier with a Mini-Wheel encoder.
While Schuler engineers worked to develop the dies necessary to hydroform the workpiece, Zeleji surveyed cold sawing capabilities to determine which would be suitable.
For a luscious body cream to hydrate as well as firm your skin Darphin's Hydroform Firming Body Cream, left, is a good choice.
The GATOR[TM] HPX -- High Performance Work-Oriented Utility Vehicle incorporates robust hydroform technology in its frame design.
Corver Engineering, Detroit, MI, specializing in the design and construction of injection molds and hydroform dies, has achieved QS-9000 TE compliance, and has been registered by Entela.
Torque-on-Demand System, In-dash GPS-based Navigation System, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Hydroform chassis and six airbags are some of those features.
has received an order from an automotive supplier for 10 of its 1,000-watt fiber lasers used to cut hydroform parts, the company reported yesterday in a news release.
Darphin HydroForm in spray or stick application, pounds 17, from Belle Naturell, Sunniside, (0191) 488-1388 and Peppermint Park, Gateshead, (0191) 469-0309.
Just how fast can the rapid prototype hydroform process provide parts?