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A hydrated hydrogen ion, H3O+. Also called hydronium ion.

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What the water bottle produces is rich with sacrificial hydrogen ions that unite with positively charged molecules, and this is how molecular hydrogen thwarts free radical damage.
Were this not allowed for, further anions could react with the hydrogen ions released by the still active cation exchange resin after total loading of the anion exchanger.
This interaction blocks the secretion of hydrogen ions, which combine with chloride ions in the stomach lumen to form gastric acid.
Inhibition of this enzyme would be expected to impair intracellular generation of hydrogen ions.
2] using photodetachment of negatively charged hydrogen ions [H.
6 microns, reveal a flurry of hydrogen ions energized by charged particles cascading in from the planet's magnetosphere.
Hydrogen ions from water then diffuse into the glass and exchange with the sodium ions present on the glass surface.
When mineral acids such as hydrochloric acid or hydrobromic acid are added, hydrogen ions protonate the individual components and the structure falls apart.
When light of 100 watts per square meter -- about the average intensity reaching Earth's surface -- energizes the cell, hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas bubble up from the cathode, while free oxygen and hydrogen ions are produced at the anode.
For hydrogen ions, the concentration is conventionally described as a pH value.
Put it to the test While it is easy to decipher conditions such as drainage, sun and shade, soil pH as a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions is an altogether different matter.
Stefan Ulmer, a particle physicist at RIKEN in Wako, Japan, and colleagues analyzed antiprotons and negative hydrogen ions (a proton plus two electrons) one by one inside an instrument called a Penning trap.