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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous carbonate of magnesia occurring in white, earthy, amorphous masses.
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Magnesite and Hydromagnesite are found visually in small outcrops within 12 km off northeastern Naein and along the Naein fault and the resulting minor faults, that is, the lands between the Serar to Soucheh farms.
2+] to produce magnesian calcite, or its precipitation with carbonate or silicate to produce, respectively, hydromagnesite and nesquehonite or sepiolite (Suarez 2005).
DENIZLI, Apr 28, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey exports untite and hydromagnesite mineral to 16 countries.
Hydromagnesite can grow in such mounded masses of radiating crystals, but the crystals themselves are linear and quite thin, and no evidence of breakage is seen in our examples (Deer et al.
The minerals considered include calcite, gypsum, hydromagnesite, nesquehonite, and sepiolite.