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n.1.(Min.) A variety of potash mica containing water. It is less elastic than ordinary muscovite.
Hydromica schist
(Min.) a mica schist characterized by the presence of hydromica. It often has a silky luster and almost soapy feel.
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Some studies [29, 30] found that minerals in oil shales existed as kaolinite, hydromica, quartz, etc.
2]O) are absorbed by clay minerals in the form of potassium and sodium ions, respectively, which are the components of hydromica and clay-mica.
2+]montmorillonite, disordered kaolinite, mixed-minerals, imperfect hydromica, fine quartz and amorphous phase.
Two tenders for the repair of (a) a Kawasaki loader of 70 Z 111 model, (b) a Komatsu loader of D 60 P - 8 model, also (c) two Hydromica Misr loaders of PD 165 Y model.
The total content of kaolinite, hydromica and montmorillonite ranges from 50 to 70%.
Phase compositions of montmorillonite containing clay minerals were as follows: 1--montmorillonite 30 %, kaolinite 35 %, hydromica 35 %, quartz--traces; 2--montmorillonite 60 %, kaolinite 10 %, hydromica, quartz, feldspar--traces; 3--montmorillonite 80 %, zeolite 15 %, hydromica 5 %.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) a set of hydraulic pumps for the amphibious Caterpillar excavator (onshore/ offshore), (b) repair of 3 onshore Komatsu 200 excavators, of a Daewoo 250 excavator and of a Hydromica Egypt excavator also (c) repair of a bulldozer of Shanghai 9617 type.
Smectites (Sm) mostly, but not always, predominate over dioctahedral hydromica (Mi), and (Sm+Mi) strongly predominate over chlorite+kaolinite.
Terragenous matter, or clay minerals, which consists of quartz, hydromica, feldspars et al.
BOROMUSCOVITE (B in tetrahedra) PARAGONITE Varieties: Cossaite, Hallerite (contains Li) Synonyms: Euphyllite, Na-mica, Pregrattite NANPINGITE TOBELITE Synonyms: Ammonium hydromica, Ammonium muscovite PHENGITE Varieties: Alurgite (Mn-phengite), Ferrophengite, Lepidomorphite, Mariposite (Cr-phengite, lower amount of Cr contrary to fuchsite), Picrophengite CELADONITE Varieties: Aluminoceladonite, Svitalskite Synonyms: Kmaite, Leucophyllite (syn.
The dolomite content is about 5%, and the ratio of carbonates to terrigeneous part which consists of fine-grained quartz, orthoclase, mica, marcasite and some hydromica is in the range of 1.