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n.1.Same as Dropsy.
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Brands declared safe by PCRWR were Nestle, Kinely, Aquafina Springley, Well O, Natural Excellent, Kisan (Better Life), Minra, Khaleej, Aqua RO, Premier, Blu Water, Sufi, Avisa, Aqua Feen,Legend, Aqua Habib, Selina, Vital,Clear,Hydra, Life,Pak zam zam, Spring Fresh , Vey, Sun Lay, Jel, Marjan, Aqua Vie, Liza, A ONE, Tahoor, Aqua Hygienic,First Water, Ab e Hayat, Hydropsy,Kerry, Via,Neble, Khyber Aqua, Natural Aqua, Sparklet,Nectar, Splash Dew, Good Ly, Khush Abb, Gourmet,Morning Mist,Aqua Save and Al Shalal.
Ching (Thelypteridaceae) is widely distributed in the south of China and has been used as folk medicine mainly for the treatment of diseases such as hydropsy and traumatic bleeding (Institute of Botany, 1976; Ding, 1982).
At this point, l'empirique--a comical medical doctor--enters and announces that he has come to treat Bontemps, who has developed hydropsy after eating too much salty food and drinking nothing but wine.