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(hiz; unstressed iz)
1. contraction of he is.
2. contraction of he has.
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The difference between succinylated gelatin and hydroxyethyl starch also failed to reach statistical significance.
The committee's Dr Sarah Branch said: "The use of these types of drips has fallen in the last year because of published evidence which shows that there is an increased risk associated with the use of hydroxyethyl starch products compared with simple salt solutions.
Use of modified fluid gelatin and hydroxyethyl starch for colloidal volume replacement in major orthopaedic surgery.
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The drug, hydroxyethyl starch (HES), was reportedly widely used by skiers until it was banned last year by the International Olympic Committee, but it was still on the list of permitted substances of the Finnish Anti-Doping Committee at the time of the championships according to The Associated Press.
For one, it contains hydroxyethyl starch, which acts as a colloid in th blood vessels of organs.